45 mins

When placed at the heart of the business, segmentation can steer marketing strategy and improve customer understanding. But is there a better way to approach segmentation?

There are different types of segmentations available to an insight or marketing team - behavioural, attitudinal or psychographic - each fit for purpose in addressing a particular business need. But in our experience, there are often gaps and incompatibilities in these standalone structures. 

Our new hybrid approach unites these styles of segmentation and provides a 360 view of customers.

No matter where you are in your segmentation - this On-Demand webinar will open your eyes to a new way of looking at segmentation.

What to expect


What are the different types of segmentation available and how do they work?

What is hybrid segmentation and how can it deliver a 360 view of customers?

How to succeed with segmentation and which pitfalls should be avoided?

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